Contributing to the Development of an IoT Society with Map Information

Car navigation functions have seen dramatic improvements since they were first put into use in 1987, and map databases, the core of our navigation system, have become increasingly sophisticated. The role of the map database has expanded from simply identifying positions and providing route guidance to delivering fundamental information for automated driving and safe driving assistance. In addition to providing real-time information on everything from shops to events, databases are now expected to meet demands for more complex functionality and higher quality.
The automotive industry is facing sweeping once-in-a-century changes. As a partner supporting CASE(Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric) for various car manufacturers, Toyota Mapmaster incorporates AI, big data, and other state-of-the-art technology that synergize with the expertise gleaned from our vast experience in the creation of continually updating and highly precise map databases. We continues to take on new challenges toward achieving a “mobility life” that ensures safe and secure mobility services in an environmentally friendly manner.

Map Database Creation Process

Every road in our route guidance is surveyed onsite, ensuring accurate maps of local streets and locations.

Mobility Information Platform Provider “MIPP” — supporting Mobility Life for All

Due to the widespread increase of automated driving and MaaS (Mobility as a Service), the automotive industry has shifted to a new business model of providing information and services in addition to manufacturing vehicles. In order to support this evolving industry, Toyota Mapmaster is developing our real-time fundamental information platform to provide superior value-added information by analyzing and integrating probe data from traveling vehicles and content from various aggregators. We continue to push boundaries, advancing our capabilities as a Mobility Information Platform Provider(MIPP)to support a comfortable mobility life for all customers.